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Bloom Cuticle Serum

Bloom Cuticle Serum

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Created in Charleston, SC, this ultra hydrating serum is designed specifically for sun exposed hands and feet. Marula Oil moisturizes the cuticles and combats transepidermal water loss. Astaxanthan is considered one of nature’s strongest antioxidants on the planet and has been shown to correct cellular damage caused from the sun. Organic orange blossom extract offers a light and refreshing scent, reminiscent of spring in the South. For a daily ritual, apply am and pm to cuticles on hands and feet. Gently rub into the skin until absorbed. Bring hands to nose for a deep inhale, offering yourself a beautiful affirmation of gratitude.

Pro tip: Keep a bottle of Bloom Cuticle Serum on your bedside table so you can apply before bed!

How to use: Apply a generous swipe to the cuticle bed and massage in.

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