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The Foundations Collection

The Foundations Collection

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🗺️Who loves a solid PLAN of action? When it comes to optimizing results, nothing inspires my creative mindset more than approaching a challenge. How do we arrive at the utmost BEST solution with as little to no “B.S.” ? Mapping the foundations to a plan are everything when your desire is success. Even with your manicure,💅🏼 bc life is too short to do things halfway.

🎨Picasso said, “Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, & upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.”

🎨Picasso, we love you for that. Gracias 🙏

⚒️At Azalea Drive you’re going to hear us talk a lot about the “Foundation Collection”.
Here are the 5 tools ⚒️ for a SOLID at home mani/pedi. These products work synergistically, offering STRENGTH, LONGEVITY & RESULTS. Check it out:

⚒️The Foundation Collection Includes:

The skin around your nails & your nails NEED hydration. Use this as a PM ritual to condition the cuticles & nails. Marula Oil, Rose Hip Seed Oil and Vitamin E are the kickers. Made by @metimebotanicals exclusively for Azalea Drive

Consider this product like a “deep nutrition face mask” , but for your nails. If you’re taking a pause on faux nails, YOU NEED THIS.
As a Revival Treatment, apply 2x weekly.
IN 3 WEEKS, your nails are back baby & super strong 💪🏼

This base coat contains anti-fungal Garlic Extract which helps strengthen the nails, allowing them to grow long & strong. Provides a hard & chip resistant protective coating.

Creates a beautiful gel-like finish & allows the polish to last up to two weeks with no chipping! High shine, breathable and UV filter for anti-fading.

An ultra gentle file that prevents chipping, breaking, and cracking. Glass files seal the nail's keratin layers together at the edges, minimizing chipping.


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